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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, yes it is

With editoral-blogging goodness:
Elected on the promise to end the war, Pelosi and her Democrats have instead voted repeatedly to fund it until the next administration. Even more galling to the anti-war crowd is that there are even more troops in Iraq under Pelosi's Congress than there ever were during Republican Congresses.

But surely they had to be doing something productive... Oh, but they were.

Ideally, this would put to rest the asinine notion that women act any differently than men when saddled with power. Drunk is drunk, and anything in the way when that inebriated cretin assumes control of the heavy machinery will be just as dead. The heavy machinery doesn't give two hoots in Hell about who's driving.

On the plus side, I feel less nauseous about her now than when she assumed the Speaker of the House position. Like an unstable boulder above a mountain roadway, she had potential to sow destruction, but in the midst of grandstanding and rhetoric, she ended up a pebble in the drainage ditch instead. Small blessings, I suppose.


Elusive Wapiti said...

I for one am thankful that Pelosi has turned out to be one big gutter ball in the bowling game of life.

Seriously, you have to try to have a job approval rating that is barely double-digits.

Something Feral said...

Well, if she's not marching to the orders of San Francisco, she's losing the minority base that she had, and of the remaining blue congressional districts, she's on the tail-end of the bell-curve; her incompetent behavior is just icing on the cake.

I'm not surprised, per se, just amused. And a little glad that all the talk was just that. We don't need an overdrive setting for running off the cliffs.