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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Southern Hospitality

Some people can learn from experience:
“I just left a sporting goods store and you would think that the number-one selling item would be plywood or potable water or gasoline right now,” he said. “Apparently it is AR-15s and .223 ammo. I watched at least 20 people buy AR-15s and cases of .223.”

Personally, the AR-15 wouldn't be my first choice for a main battle-rifle, but having something is far better than having nothing. The optimal time to prepare is before it happens, not when the rumbling of impending doom is fast approaching.

I'll take a moment here to plug one of the few government entity I unabashedly support: The Civilian Marksmanship Program. The M1 Garand is a fantastic rifle; Boston's Gun Bible rates it as an excellent main battle-rifle, both for ruggedness and stopping-power, and it's available through the CMP for a very affordable price for those that take a little time to fill out some forms and join an accredited local organization.


Triton said...

I'd go with an AK-47. We are talking about hurricane conditions, after all. The AK won't care if it gets wet or muddy.

Something Feral said...

The HK-91 has that reputation as well, but is more accurate than the AK-47. Downside: it's more difficult to get. Upside: the HK-91 uses 7.62x51mm rounds, which are 1) common 2) reliably perforate targets at long range and 3) has a common ammunition type with the .308 M1A (my bias). I think one can buy a clone (slightly altered from the original HK, but this isn't my area of expertise), the PTR-91.

I hear good things about the AK-74, especially regarding improved accuracy.

No question about the AK-47 reliablity factor, though... Discovery Channel ran a program a while back about the "Top 10" battle-rifles in history, and the AK-47 landed the top spot.