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Thursday, May 28, 2009

An infinitely-quotable man

A general of distinction, for whom I once had the honor of working, maintained that there were two transcendent experiences a man might have in a lifetime -- the two great ones known only to the fortunate. First was hearing the idolized girl say "yes"; and the other was watching brave, strong, well-armed men flee in terror from one's presence.
- Jeff Cooper, Africa Ciao!


MikeT said...

He's right on both counts, especially the latter. When you see someone recoil because they know their threats can be matched with a risk of serious bodily harm against them, it can be almost intoxicating. Twice in my life I've used a bladed weapon to make a point against an aggressor who had the means to seriously injure me in a "fair fight" and in both cases they quickly backed down. I didn't have to even seriously threaten them with it... just taking a defensive posture with the weapon in my hand was enough to make them back down.

Something Feral said...

I received a copy of "To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth" for my birthday; it's fantastic reading.

I feel naked without my knife, and although I don't have any illusions about coming out of a knife-fight unscathed, the deterrence is the key thing. Moreover, I'm glad that it's worked out for you in the past; most zombies/goblins are of questionable competency and morale when it comes to a resistant meal.

Of course, a sidearm trumps the knife, and that isn't out of the question for me. I'd rather have the knife as back-up.