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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x2C


Northwest Minuteman said...

great blog! Another one you might enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Oh, is this where we go to completely ignore what you write and plug our own blog?

Here's mine:

Something Feral said...

I had an urge to delete the comment, but I think I'll leave it up, if only for a brief response: although we seem to share a great many things in common that we find repulsive about the Left, and although the blog does not explicitly use the term "Republican" as a self-descriptor, these people don't get it.

Yes, the Gadsden trappings are there, and Minutemen abound, but until enough Americans see the State as the problem and not the sick parody of "Red vs. Blue", we're doomed to have pep-rally philosophy shoved in our faces.

I'm an ex-Republican. I'm disaffected with our system, continual war, continual taxation, ever-expanding authority in the name of fairness and security. I've been called a fascist*, a terrorist**, an agitator***, you name it.

And yet... They're advertising here. I think I like what that signifies.

* Incorrectly, I might add. See Voxiversity III.

** Go soak your head, Napolitano.

*** This is true, and I'd do it again.

Something Feral said...

That's an interesting blog you have there, Professor Hale.

Since this is tangentially related to my interests, I have a few questions:

- With bipartisan control of the election system, a lack of proportional representation of smaller parties in the Congress, and a roughly 90% incumbency rate for those elected to the Legislature, is it reasonable to expect to change this system from the inside?

- Is active rebellion necessary? Barring all known government strategies to this point, it seems that collapse is unavoidable... If time is on my side, should I really do something other than prepare to weather the aftermath?