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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Carol

Christmas-themed music renditions of songs that were tiresome in their original format (now exhumed and injected with syntha-pop) play in every building in this town equipped with a speaker-system. Changing buildings doesn't help, either. They're all tuned to the same feed with a time-delay, so the odds are that you'll be hearing the same song presently that drove you out of the previous shrine to consumerism.

It's everything I imagined pearl-diving would be like: after five minutes, a grimace appears on my face, and I need to resurface before I start thrashing and black-out.


El Borak said...

My secretary has her online radio on one of those stations (or maybe it's a CD) that plays the same 25 songs againandagainandagainandagainandagain

That's why I play my Christmas music in July and have the Lord of the Rings soundtrack blasting in my office presently.

Of course, the worst Christmas music possible is when people like Bruce Springsteen try to make Christmas music. The best, quite possibly, is Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Something Feral said...

"Blasting" is the only appropriate volume for Lord of the Rings, particularly for anything involving the Isengard theme.

(I actually just loaded this and cranked it up, one of my roommates is watching yet another insipid Christmas movie.)

It's still too soon for Trans-Siberian Orchestra... Next week I'll start listening. My Christmas spirit doesn't last much longer than a day and a half now.