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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x75

This is only half-funny. Seriously, don't touch my stuff. It's like that for a reason, maximum feng shui, minimal explanation required. It doesn't have to make sense to you. In fact, you should probably be thankful that it doesn't.


Doom said...


Similar, with some number peculiarities which have made calculus and, well, most math irritating. I hate (most) odd numbers, most decimals, and such. Do not even think of turning the knob on my stereo to an odd number, 6, 12, 20, and such or leave it alone. There are some odd number and decimal exceptions. Clean numbers are what I call the oddities.

I think it is from over education in the wrong direction (the one colleges often produce in their attempts at whatever it is they are attempting). To get through school (I would guess even in highschool anymore too), one has to figure out what some psychopathic academic directly or indirectly wants without being told or even guided. Yep, education has been feminized (in the female not political way, if for and by political means). The skirting of education, ha! Definitely a Freudian slip, and it's showing.

Something Feral said...

Hah, I smirked. For the time, I am washing my hands of the academic community for these very reasons.

Math... Odd or even, the symmetry is the important thing. Unless it's fractal. There's a beauty there all of its own.