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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x68

Just for the number of times I've witnessed this end in embarrassment for the cat.


Doom said...

It absolutely entertains me to see Sam, my local cat, prepare for the pounce. She is so intent, so focused... she becomes the invisi-ninja-cat! It is why, though, I do not consider her a pet or myself an owner. She is a far better hunter, and survivor, than I could ever be. In some ways, she humbles me. She is my master, she eats, I learn.

Nice pic. They caught the absolute essence of my entertainment.

Something Feral said...

My cat and I have the opposite relationship... He's been modeled on the musk-ox, I think: a slow-moving, shaggy grazer.

A pity, really. He has fangs that are suggestive of the sabretooth cats, yet they have only ever slain low-calorie kibble. His ancestors weep in the afterlife, I think.

Doom said...

That is sad. Really. But I once had a cat that, initially, was afraid... AFRAID!1!!!@!!... of mice. What I did, and what might work with your feline's foul situation... I bought feeder mice, one at a time, put it in the tub, kept the bathroom door closed, and put her in there. She did learn. And after several mice, her instincts kicked in.

The bad thing... she had been a house cat. After that she wanted out and it was difficult to keep her in. Now I realize why... cats can hear mice through the walls and windows, far out in the yard and maybe beyond. Once they are blooded they change and really want it. Reminds me of my first girlfriend... in a way. heh