Something Feral

Digging up the flower-beds.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x65

Catnip: next to the potato-cannon, the winner for "Most Efficient Conversion of Dollars to Entertainment". Like mint, keep it potted (heh), or it'll take over the beds, then the garden.


Doom said...

My cat looks just like that. I haven't gotten into catnip toys yet, so... But I can see it now... Me, Darth Vader of conservativism... with a hippie stoner cat! Arghhh!

Thanks for the tip on the nip, and mint. Yeah, I plan to grow that stuff too. For my tea. *sigh* Some Darth Vader I turned out to be.

Something Feral said...

Dogs are to men as cats are to women; your cat does not reflect on you. It is a cat unto itself, except it doesn't run up your cards on shoes and makeup. Mine causes less trouble when he's stoned out of his gourd, anyway.

Given the working over that Lucas gave the original Trilogy, I wouldn't be surprised if Vader was taking tea in his meditation chamber now. Regardless, tea does not make or break the image, but brings it a little closer to its samurai origin...

Doom said...

That's a relief. You know, I bet even Darth Vader, sitting in his healing chamber, had to wonder... Or Conan on his thrown, had to wonder... Is this working, the image, the action, the outfit, the...? Of course, they, like me, get over it quickly and keeps our Freudian slips (all slips, really) neatly tucked away in public.

Just a thought. And I might not have said any of that. I am considering it currently.