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Monday, May 3, 2010

"Where does he get such wonderful toys?"

Someone who isn't me, of course. We proles aren't allowed to have fun out here...

(More gun-pr0n here courtesy of Oleg Volk, from whom I stole that beautiful image above.)


Triton said...

Man, you've GOT to get out of that place.

And, naturally, any man named "Oleg" would have to have a Mosin-Nagant 91/30, the most superior weapon of all time.

Something Feral said...

An escape-plan is in the works!

Also, "someone who isn't me", by which I mean, "someone who isn't me observing a very tenuous level of OPSEC regarding recent acquisitions, and is probably headed to the range on Friday to blow a few hundred rounds of that German surplus he ordered when the returns came back positive for Obama". ;)

I do plan on taking advantage of Classic Arms' current deal on those laminated hex-receiver 91/30s, though... Currently, it's the only thing out here that is cash-'n-carry without FFL-interference. The spam-cans of 7.62x54R with something that dependable is just too good to pass up, too. (The SVT-40 is PRK-legal, by the way... Blew my mind.)

For the indefinite future: something in 6.5 Grendel. I'm hoping this doesn't fall to the wayside, as the ballistics are just too impressive. Which is why I fear that it will.

Something Feral said...

Something that just crossed my mind... Not that I doubt the other very fine firearms available to me, but I very much doubt their ability to compete with the Mosin-Nagant 91/30 to when I need to brain a zombie, should worse come to worst and the ammo run dry.

Slim chances, but the Black Swan seems to be a popular theme nowadays.

Professor Hale said...

I have finally given up on my own FAL (R1A1 actually). An inch pattern rebuild by Century Arms. Reliability is poor. won't cycle softnose bullets. 5+ MOA.

I will likely keep it as a curiosity but I have decided to get something else for long range work.

I still prefer Semi-auto, so maybe the FNAR is a good fit.

Triton said...

An inch pattern rebuild by Century Arms.

There's your problem: Century Arms. After reading that line, I probably could have written the rest of your paragraph for you. Century's reputation is that pitiful.

If you want to give the FAL another try, I'd recommend Aim Surplus, though they seem to be sold out at the moment.

Triton said...

I do plan on taking advantage of Classic Arms' current deal on those laminated hex-receiver 91/30s, though

Aim Surplus has these, too. If you want all-matching numbers, you might get a better deal from Aim. Either company is fine, though.

And if you use surplus ammo, be sure to perform the necessary cleaning procedures to get rid of the corrosive primer salts.

Something Feral said...

An inch pattern rebuild by Century Arms.

I cringed. On a related note, Entreprise is looking to be a pretty good option as of late, and DSA less so, detailed here (do a search for "Posted by gunplumber on September 02, 2008 19:33") and here. Someone who isn't me thinks that they arrive filthy, and need a complete cleaning (with a flashlight at the ready) on arrival, though.

Triton, all matching numbers would rock, so I'm definitely interested!

I've heard Windex works well, or any ammonia-based solution, or piping-hot water. Windex sounds like the safest bet, though.

Also, since we all here are made of money, the SCAR-17S is due out this year... Details are still fuzzy.

Triton said...

Well, for us po' folk, the best option for a semi-auto .308 is probably a Saiga. Perform the pistol-grip conversion, and you've got yourself an AK on .308 steroids.