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Friday, April 9, 2010

Six, Down: Euphemism for murder under color of law, eight letters

How about, "bad shoot"?
Because the people on the bridge would not know they were cops, Hunter said he fired warning shots out of the window of the truck, and the civilians scattered for cover across a concrete barrier separating the roadway from a pedestrian walkway.

Hunter said the civilians "did not appear to have any weapons."

When the truck stopped, Hunter said Sergeant A, identified as Sergeant Kenneth Bowen, got out of the front seat and "fired an assault rifle down toward the civilians on the walkway." Hunter admits that he too got out of the truck and fired his handgun at the people running up the bridge.

At the same time, Hunter said Sergeant B, identified as Sergeant Robert Gisevius, came from the back of the truck and fired an assualt rifle at the same group.

Hunter said he shouted "cease fire." That's when he saw several civilians, who appeared to be "unarmed, injured and subdued." Then, without warning, Sergeant A, or Kenneth Bowen, "suddenly leaned over the concrete barrier, held out his assault rifle and, in a sweeping motion, fired repeatedly at the civilians lying wounded on the ground."

... Hunter said later that day at the makeshift 7th District Police Station, he attended the first of several meetings to cover up a "bad shoot."

During this meeting, a lieutenant said something to the effect of, "we don't want this to look like a massacre."
Hey, what do you know? "Massacre" has eight letters, too.

An observation: the police are us, unless one happens to be an officer, in which case, the police are non-civilians, "the elite". In truth, they are just as corrupt, just as dim-witted, just as greedy as the average person, and it should surprise no one (which, now, surprises nearly everyone) that an increase in police-powers exhibits a corresponding increase in the abuse of those powers, soon to be demonstrated on an international scale.


Double Minded Man said...

Its nice that after 5 years the "justice system" is finally doing something about this.

Something Feral said...

Is it too cynical to be surprised that this actual went to trial?

MikeT said...
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MikeT said...

No, that's what makes this so sad.