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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rod Tuason, Praetorian

Meet Detective Rod Tuason. Rod works for the East Palo Alto Police Department.

Unfortunately for Detective Tuason, Facebook knows no loyalty:
"Sounds like you had someone practicing their 2nd amendment rights last night! Should've pulled the AR out and prone them all out! And if one of them made a furtive movement...2 weeks off!!!"

EDIT: Tuason's Facebook page has since been removed, but not forgotten.

Frankly, it's difficult to think of how this comment could be construed as anything but callous thuggery; no doubt this is what Scalia had in mind when he mentioned the "new professionalism" in Hudson v. Michigan. The most disturbing aspect of this, however, is the cavalier attitude regarding the willful murder of someone exercising their rights under the law, the paid vacation after the fact, followed by a cursory review which will likely find "no evidence of wrong-doing."

Hopefully, once the city realizes the liability posed by allowing him to remain on the force, Defective Tuason will be bounced out on his rear faster than a pack of dogs on a one-legged cat. The truth of the situation is that officers of the law are supposedly held to a higher level of responsibility and restraint in word and action, and this comment was demonstrative of neither, but in all ways more befitting a soldier of a totalitarian regime in a Third-World nation.

Tuason then opens a fresh can of worms:
"Haha thats when you go attend one of their meetings and laugh at them cuz they can only dream to have a ccw.."
This highlights the need for a model akin to Vermont: unlicensed concealed-carry. If the police are not obligated to respond, serve, or protect, then immediately forbid the bearing of arms anywhere beyond one's home, who can then provide means for their own self-defense? Of course, this is the core fallacy of the gun-control movement: criminals are generally not inclined to respect the law, and will go about their business armed, regardless of restrictions.

Indeed, if creatures such as Tuason are gate-keepers of our means of defending ourselves, we are truly in dire straits. Ideally, the situation would not have to be remedied via incorporation (McDonald v. Chicago), but the pretense of adhering to some form of limited constitutional republic has all but been swept away.


MikeT said...

What disgusts me are the people who not only want to disarm us, but act like meekly surrendering to criminals so that they're not gunned down by law-abiding citizens is a form of civilized behavior. It especially bothers me when Christians expect this sort of meekness from everyone, in every case as though the criminal is some special, lost soul who we must doubly sacrifice for.

kochi said...

Legs with feet and claws indeed.

Triton said...

Doesn't surprise me. Western states' cops are the worst.

This highlights the need for a model akin to Vermont: unlicensed concealed-carry.

This will never happen in states with large non-white populations. If Vermont were 30% black, their gun laws would look quite different.

G3Ken said...

Guys like this one have no business being a LEO. They should realize that the day is fast approaching that they will need law-abiding gun owners like ourselves on their side.

Hope some thug uses him as a bullet trap. I wouldn't shed one tear.

eyes wide open said...

The detective is a fool. He is devoid of any real experience that would cause him to see the value of an armed citizenry. His arrogance has marked him as someone that should not be trusted with an AR in his trunk. Moreover, only a fool would identify himself as an enemy of the angry American, righteously indignant and backed into a corner. I am a law abiding citizen who feels like the corner is drawing near. Even a house cat backed into a corner can do damage. What a fool!

Something Feral said...

Triton, we may yet get to see that experiment in action.