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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x4D

I hate flying coach. Not that I think anyone likes flying coach, but being shoe-horned in like sardines with screaming children on either side is the surest way to dissolve any remaining entertainment of the idea that there is romance in travel.

Having traveled by train, I like the idea of doing so, but Amtrak has buried any hope of maintaining a schedule to its victims, and does so at a king's ransom.

Dagny, where are you?

UPDATE: Well, as predictable as it might be, at least it's not British Airways.


Doom said...

I wonder if BAirways is misbranding again. Like terrorism, this should be focused at those who are guilty. Hmm, I would guess those two groups aren't all that different. There are some Euro/American pervs, but from what I am reading, women are just as likely, perhaps more so, to be just as bad or worse than gay men. And yet, muslims seem to swim in that cesspool of sexual indecency far more than other groups, even American Women.

No, I am NOT joking.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Funny stuff.

Re: BA - I think I posted a while back about Qantas doing the same thing.

Perhaps it is because fembot sexism has penetrated deeper and further in those societies than in ours?

Something Feral said...

Doom, I do not disagree, although it seems that the cultural standards of behavior are becoming increasingly homogenized (no pun intended) with the hyper-advocacy of multicultural sensitivity. Hence, it's all good, unless you happen to be be completely devoid of traits that enjoy "Protected" status. ("Good" is just a relative term, anyway; I await its replacement with something like "evolutionary desirable", or "The Peoples' Will".)

EW, I couldn't help but think about your experience with the bathroom-escort policy at your local church when I posted this. I'm not sure that the sexism is any less deeply entrenched here, but I think that the other Western cultures have long since stopped resisting.