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Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to chafe a perfectionist

Overall, Liberal Fascism was not as easy to read as I hoped it would be (which echoes Elusive Wapiti's review of the book some months ago). Goldberg seems to have trouble with the idea of a strong central thesis, and this is reflected in his writing-style; while the text is rich in references and information that are unequivocally damning to the Left's ancestry in America, it has more tangents than a analytic-geometry textbook.

Nevertheless, a patient reader with unflagging interest in history should enjoy the fruit of Goldberg's efforts. As a repository of easily-available ammunition in the Kulturkampf, this text is second-to-none.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Great job! I blew it. Serves me right for not having read it in a year.

Jesse said...

Congrats! I was doing great through the first two chapters, then the pace of my summer caught up with me and I haven't read steadily or taken a quiz since.

I had a similar experience through the first couple of chapters. The text was hard to follow and I found myself having to go back and reread several times to keep up with his train of thought. Dunno if that's more Goldberg's writing style or my inability to focus, but it makes for slower reading. I do hope to actually finish that book someday soon though.

Doom said...

I had thought to read the book, and though I may someday, I was already of an understanding regarding his work. Having done my own, if more minor and less strenuous, putting together of the pieces of the left and the trails from and to it for other political groups, I knew much of that.

As a fact, my own research into history, groups, affiliations, and associations, the results of that cabal's work, and general history is what allowed me to leave the socialist roots my (Democtrat) family, friends, and school often tried to inculcate in my mind. After having been a solid socialist, I left that behind at about 14 and have never looked back (except to make sure I was not drifting back into that fetid swamp of lies and deceit).

Triton said...

Congratulations, man.

Something Feral said...

Thanks, all!

In hindsight, anyone participating in the future should sign up with ProProfs, I think. Reviewing the quizzes for the final (however briefly) would have helped me here, and I plan to employ such a strategy next time.

Catching up is indeed possible with a little time taken aside for notes. I will consider publishing them on the next Voxiversity, I think.