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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tackling the Medicare debt-horizon


Elusive Wapiti said...

Come on dude, it's just a post-natal abortion. Lighten up!


*cue monty python clip*: "Bring out your dead!"

MikeT said...

Partial death abortion.

Something Feral said...

The real thing to watch out for is the cross-agency cooperation between the Obamacare bureaucrats and the USDA...

Soylent Green, anyone?

Doom said...

After reading this and looking at the poster, I couldn't leave well enough alone. When I was being seen by my nurse practitioner recently, and hearing her complaining about my high blood pressure and probable resurgence of diabetes, I suggested she just turn me in using the cash for clunkers deal. Though I suggested she could probably only get a horse. I should have added... or more likely a mule.

Her reaction was so mixed, I could not tell much. She grimaced while sneering and half chuckling, sort of, though she tried very hard not to laugh. I enjoyed it.