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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Caturday Night Special, Episode 0x39

What a week. Fences, driving, fires, cats, shelves, code-wrangling, commodities, tourists, class preparations, a gun-show, and a lovely young lady.

Regular posting may resume... Whenever. Likely this week.


Doom said...

I was wondering, but hopeful. Glad to hear it. I would rather see you in that kind of trouble than, you know, just sitting around blogging all the time. Still, I missed ya.

Balance, Cricket. Bah, women throw that whole balance thing off. Even Queen believed that, asserting something about fat bottomed girls (and aren't they all) make the world go around, and they were (mostly) gay! *grins*

Something Feral said...

Thanks for the concern, Doom. I actually pray for this kind of trouble, though, and I think it's been delivered.

School's starting up, anyway. That's always a source of consternation. I have things I've squirreled away to share, but first things first, as usual. :)