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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"There was no comment from the White House."

Yet another of minion of Caesar balks at rendering unto the State:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius recently corrected three years of tax returns and paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding "unintentional errors"—the latest tax troubles for an Obama administration nominee.

The Kansas governor explained the changes to senators in a letter dated Tuesday that the administration released. She said they involved charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.

Sebelius said she filed the amended returns as soon as the errors were discovered by an accountant she hired to scrub her taxes in preparation for her confirmation hearings. She and her husband, Gary, a federal magistrate judge in Kansas, paid a total of $7,040 in back taxes and $878 in interest to amend returns from 2005-2007.
Best quip thus far:
"We know now that Obama really isn't Jesus... Jesus could build a cabinet."


MikeT said...

Not only that, but only 1 of them turned out to be a real lemon...

Elusive Wapiti said...

I can certainly understand how easy it is for people to screw up their taxes. Especially when their financial lives are complicated.

But the silence from the drive by media about these issues with Democrat politicians is deafening.

Oh, and I love how the Obamessiah's entire cabinet are walking poster children for the Fair Tax.

Something Feral said...

It's purposely convoluted, as a protective measure for the bureaucracy and the tax-computation industry that sprouted in its wake, which is why the Fair Tax never gets a fair shake. Furthermore, removing the exemptions removes the ability to dodge what the rest of us have to pay, and the indignity of the aristocracy doing peasant-work is simply too much to bear.

That, and a Fair Tax would remove incentives in income-management, and I've never known them to willingly give up that sort of power.

As for the media, it's a small wonder that they're failing as hard as they are; I'm sure you saw the post at Vox Popoli with the stats... Yikes.