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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When in doubt, empty the clip

- Just in case one needed more iron-clad proof regarding PETA members' mental instability...

- "The rationale goes like this: Vehicle AC units sap engine power and hurt fuel economy. If vehicle paint and glass reflect more heat, car interiors will be cooler. That means drivers will use their AC units less, the compressors won’t have to work as hard and auto makers will be able to use smaller AC units in the future."

... We're doomed, but at least the PRK has a new tag.

- Surprisingly, the answer wasn't Zimbabwe.

- Considering the rash of kidnappings in Mexico and the spill-over of related violence into the southern United States, I'm sure this will provide valuable instruction to the family members of the victims in the years to come.


MikeT said...

Speaking the kidnapping issue, I'd like a "government not doing the $hit I'm paying it to do credit" for its inaction on the southern border. I'll be generous and say that $6,000 off my federal income tax will be sufficient.

Something Feral said...

Well, if one applies the argumentation used in many "presumably Constitutional" regulations through the Interstate Commerce Clause, you could take deductions based on potential losses regarding the FedGov's actions on the southern border... That M1A that would likely be banned that you might have bought will probably quadruple in price afterwards, the difference between the prices could easily hit $6,000 (USA-2008, stamped for guaranteed inflation).

Beyond that, donating to a preferred "charity" or buying a farm, I'm out of ideas.