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Sunday, March 1, 2009

An interesting commentary on human nature

If you want to learn to respect a technology, try to build it from scratch... It's a humbling experience. Chances are that if it's in any way electrical in nature, you'll be handling more mathematics than you can shake a system of differential equations at.


Wonder Woman said...


Shake a "what" at?


Elusive Wapiti said...

I like the "you non-contributing zero" crack. Classic! I'll have to write that one down.

I do think that we could use a little bit o hardship just to remind us where we came from and just how close to flint and tinder and slaying our dinners we really are.

For sure feminism couldn't survive...the skirts would have to work for a living too and there'd be no subsidy for non-contributing zeroes like that. Particularly ones who made everyone else's lives harder by kicking their husbands out of their families and forcing others to pull their burden for them.

It is plenty that allows idiot ideologies like that to survive.

Mia said...

That really made me laugh!
There's alot of truth in the mix though, thanks for sharing!


Something Feral said...

Hah, when you mentioned "the skirts working for a living", my mind skipped back to the movie "Romancing the Stone", after Michael Douglas hacks the heels off of the antagonizing protagonist's shoes:

"These were Italian!"

"Now they're practical."

It warms my heart, it does...

Mia, thanks for saying so! And welcome!