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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Caturday Night Special, Episode XXV


MikeT said...

Speaking of cats, I figured out what my cat was (she died 2 years ago) over the weekend. No one had a clue what she was because she was a rare breed called a "Tiffany" or a "Chantilly" depending on the site you reference. She had some Maine Coon in her, which made her a gigantic (16lb of muscle and bones at her peak of health) Tiffany.

If you aren't familiar with the breed, look it up. They're one of the coolest breed of cat there is. They're about as loyal and social as a dog.

Something Feral said...

Loyalty and sociability go a long way with me. I grew up with dogs, and never did care for cats until I got one (and I happened to be fortunate, as he exhibits both traits).

Tiffany seems like it would make a very nice house-cat, especially with the Maine Coon mix; I'm sorry to hear yours has since departed.

Now, if they just came with shorter hair...

Triton said...

I grew up with dogs, and never did care for cats until I got one

I was the same way. I guess the default male position is to despise cats until one has a reason to feel otherwise.

I never did like dogs, though. I'm a pretty sanitary person, and dogs are just filthy and disgusting. The fact that cats clean themselves goes a long way with me.

Something Feral said...

True enough. I've never had to bathe a cat for irritating a skunk. Or chase it away from steer manure. Or chase it up to the neighbor's house and around the house for an hour.

Depends on one's dog, I suppose, much like cats.

Dogs are quite a bit handier on the farm, though, given proper training.