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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time to watch it burn

- You're fooling yourself if you don't think that the Federal government will renew its efforts to renew a highly-aggressive version 1994 "Assault Weapons" Ban. For those that are unaware, Joe Biden was driving force behind that bill, and Obama has supported related legislation in the past (surprise!). With a democratic majority in the House and Senate and Pelosi at the helm, look for heavy taxes on ammunition, "scary features" bans, and licensing/registration/State-issued identification for firearms-owners.

- Not one, not one person I talked to that supported Obama could articulate the reason supporting their vote for Obama beyond "the lesser of two evils" argument, or, worse yet, the "Hope-Change-Magic-Fairy-Dust!" argument. Yes, this is anecdotal evidence. I believe the vast majority of his supporters may not consider themselves Marxists, but tacit support is still support.

- I'm still expecting trouble regarding Obama's inauguration... It's just a suspicion at this point. The birth-certificate issue is still not fully resolved, although that may not be the catalyzing event.

- Just when I think I've reached the bottom of my estimation on the critical-thinking skills of the American public, something both fresh and horrible assaults my sensibilities, and I am forced to reconsider it. P.T. Barnum had this place figured out a long time ago.


Triton said...

I seriously doubt there will be any gun-ban attempts any time soon. The Dems have been burned too many times on that.

I also don't think anything will come of the whole birth certificate thing. Whether Obama is a bona fide citizen or not no longer matters; he was elected, and as far as the government is concerned, that is that.

Something Feral said...

I'm not so sure, as they might take the election of Obama/Biden as a mandate, and it's difficult, if not impossible, to find two more anti-firearm politicians in Washington.

I'm also reluctant to agree about the birth-certificate; the prols are too busy doing Kool-Aid keg-stands to worry about the details. And should something serious come down the pike, say, full-blown depression, they'll have forgotten all about it.

I need to get out of California. This is depressing.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Kool-Aid keg-stands"

Better poetry I have not read. I like that phrase!

As to the rest of this stuff--taxes, gun bans, nailing men's sacs to boards and hitching them to the feminist grist-mill, I say "scruduhgubbamuh!" It's sad, watching the slow death of our country. Even though we've been watching it for, say 140 years.

Something Feral said...

Thank you, I do my best. :)

I'm stitching a plan together right now for the coming years that has "Scruduhgubbamuh-through-better-living" as the main theme. I'll post some information later, when I'm happy with the post content.