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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reality check, please

Pointing and laughing is all fun and games until it happens at home. For those who hadn't guessed, the above is a check from a Zimbabwean restaurant, courtesy of central banking and Marxist policy.

I would like to take this moment to formally condemn McCain and Obama for their policies, and chastise anyone that would think of supporting them or their sponsoring parties. The only gamble in this election is between supporting a candidate for personal liberty, fiscal responsibility and the restraint of government under its former chains of law, or withdrawing consent from the system that seeks to legitimize itself under the pretense that the electorate, by virtue of the act of voting, has provided a mandate.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I refresh your bailout?


Anonymous said...

Withdrawing consent has been getting steadily more popular for the last few years.

Something Feral said...

It's a good thing, but until it's serious enough to start throwing elections, government officials are not going to do anything to correct their behavior.

I'd like to see a "None of the Above" option for the ballot, as a way of positively identifying non-voters from irate constituents on every officially-issued ballot.