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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Idle academics are the Devil's workshop

One of the many, perhaps one of the foremost reasons that I refuse to regard the hive-minded socialists across the Pond with anything but contempt:
Banned phrases on the list, which was originally drawn up by sociologists, include Old Masters, which has been used for centuries to refer to great painters - almost all of whom were in fact male.

It is claimed that the term discriminates against women and should be replaced by "classic artists".

The list of banned words was written by the British Sociological Association, whose members include dozens of professors, lecturers and researchers.

Making the term "Old Masters" more vague won't change anything about the quality of their works or the nature of the bits betwixt their legs, but I believe these charlatans hope they can muddle the issue enough so that there might be a possibility that maybe, perhaps, the term could encompass the undiscovered parity of "Old Mistresses" and their apocryphal masterpieces mistresspieces (probably hidden in the vaults under the Vatican with all the matriarchal-society artifacts).

Of course, like any group of publishing academics, they have issued an edict that the older editions are to be revised for reprint:
Among the "sexist" terms to be avoided are "seminal" and "disseminate" because they are derived from the word semen and supposedly imply a male-dominated view of the world.

Authors are also told to "avoid using medical labels" when writing about disabled people as this "may promote a view of them as patients".

In addition, the list says "special needs" should be changed to "additional needs", "patient" to "person" and "the elderly" to "older people".

"Able-bodied person" should be replaced with "non-disabled person", it is claimed.

"We also require Sunday-editions of the New York Times, fair-trade half-soy caffè lattes and grant money in a cloth shopping-bag deposited on the number-8 Downtown transit at 11AM sharp. No funny-business!"

A pack of twits of this caliber should not be allowed to have the run of the island unsupervised... Hypothetically, if a terrorist group were to detonate a device with an aerosolized neurological agent, could it be classified as fumigation?

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