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Monday, September 22, 2008

His head was bloodied, but unbowed

I lurk a hundredfold more than I comment, but I didn't want this to slip by, as I read, appreciated, and looked forward to his postings.

Bane, of BaneRants, passed away this morning.

I had to think a while about what to say, as I've commented once or twice, and more than a few times at Vox Populi, where I was first exposed to his, er, antics.

Bane made me laugh more than a few times, think before I spoke (as I saw what happened to the trolls; he was a sterling example of how to levy withering verbal fire on the unwashed), and I'm richer for the experience.

More than that, however, he reminded me of my father, who has been dead these many years. Suffice to say, I liked him immediately.

I'm saddened that he's no longer with us, but I find comfort in that he feels no pain, but elation in the presence of the Almighty. His wife and family, however, could use encouragement and the solace of a kind word. His blog will carry the details.

Bane, we will miss you.


Anonymous said...
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Something Feral said...

I won't tolerate blog-spam. Contact me via email if this was in error.

Wonder Woman said...

It is sad. Death is always sad. However, we gotta go when we're called...

Something Feral said...

Yes, sadly, these corporeal meat-bags we shuffle around in have expiration dates. I'm not sure I'll mind so much when my time comes, especially if I reach old age and things do work the way they used to... Bane was in pain for a while, and I'm glad he's free of it.

My heart does go out to his family, though. Their pain is still fresh, and the financial situation complicates after death, and by an order of magnitude if the paperwork isn't filed with the banks and government.