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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Inspiration

It seems to be fashionable to ignore that China makes a practice of putting down just the sort of warm-'n-fuzzy spirit of international brotherhood of which the Olympics is supposedly the supreme physical manifestation. So it goes; however, both leading candidates for the presidential election are protesting United States involvement in the Games. Just kidding, they're both buying advertising:

"Of course attention will be diverted some, but with only 20 days until our convention and about 90 until Election Day, there isn't much time to lose," Shapiro adds.

And the campaigns will actually be quite visible during the Olympics. The Obama campaign will pay $5 million to air TV ads on the NBC Universal networks covering the games. McCain's campaign has earmarked $6 million for Olympic TV ad time.

Throw this in the teeth of anyone that would make a claim that McCain or Obama give a damn about freedom. I won't be party to endorsing either of them, ever.

The Olympics bore me to tears anyway.


Elusive Wapiti said...

Those pictures are hilarious in a sick sad way.

Because they're true.

Something Feral said...

Yep. They're very efficient multi-taskers... Between stamping out home-churches, forming labor camps, harvesting organs from political prisoners and censoring the public, they're always busy.

Where do they find the time?